May 4, 2018

Book Review: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle

A science fiction for children, which my book club threw up and I wanted something light after some recent heavy reading.When I started reading the book, I was not even aware that the movie is coming out in 2018, or that this is a very wonderful read as per many.

When I started this book, it send me back to Famous Five and Enchanted Tree days, as those were the last few books I read about school, holidays and adventure. And this one here is also about that exactly. A family, siblings, and an adventure, it has it all.

And physics is the core of the book, and imagine a 12ish or 9ish kid knowing university level physics to get them through to space, so that was an odd factor as I read on. But, keeping that aside, the bond between siblings are nicely captured across various instances and family bonds played well in bringing the story together.

Being a children's publication, there was not much more that I could gather, though I did think that maybe I would have enjoyed the book more if I read it when I was 10!

Rating: 3/5

April 10, 2018

Book Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

I am not much of a self-help book person. In fact, I am not a non-fiction person. I can frankly count off on the fingers on one hand, the number of non fiction I would have read in my entire years of reading.

Then why did I pick up this book? The title intrigued and the premise - how to get your mind around the way the world is moving nowadays. Well, who isn't affected by people and how the world is super connected that we seem to see all happy faces always!

Starting off, this was a very difficult one to get around to... I did not connect with the author's writing style, maybe by virtue of being a predominant fiction reader, I was not accustomed to the style which threw many questions at the reader. And being a self- help book, I think that would be a natural style, now that I look back at it.

Once I got around that, the author talks of how we all seem to be drawn into unnecessary thoughts and instances and we care about those things which we ideally shouldn't. Everyone has problems, they might vary and the importance of these problems will be dependent on who faces it. The book suggests that in life, we need to derive happiness in solving problems, and accepting that every solution to one problem, will sow the seed for the next also. Once we accept this, and focus on solving our problems, we create a  path to improvement and eventually happiness. He says finding the meaning to your life is the first step to happiness and to achieve what you yearn for, you should focus on the problems that matter and leave those which do not, essentially, not care a F*ck about them.

If you were to ask me how I felt about the book...


I would say many a times, you know all this, but having it written makes you re-think and hope that this time it does stick around to make a difference. It is a breezy read, short and easy, making it great for weekends and travel.

Is this a book which I would suggest to someone...


I would say, if you are in a juncture in our life where you need to bring back your energies into things which matter, and start focussing on your happiness, you should definitely pick this up!

Rating: 3.5/5

December 11, 2017

Buda and Pest

I think it has been positively so long since I have come here. Reasons might be many, but the essence is neglect and not adhering to a routine. I guess I have been pulled in so many directions that my core has been lying neglected, just like this space which I had created. And I had created this place with a lot of love and focus on many things. Some of those things changed over time, and many new ones in fact came and wandered off too. But, the space has been me, and it has seen my transformation through all these years. And, I think that is the singular reason for me to stand by and move ahead.

I think this year I will remember by the one trip which I took which has been different on numerous grounds. But, more than the trip, I think I came back a different person.

I was recharged, and somehow the will to work towards what I want was all the more clear.

I was more accepting and I think the change in scenario took a good turn for me overall.

I had the much needed time to think, unwind and bring my life into focus.

I realized that,

Life rolls on and you need to grab those things which you want and they might just really come from anywhere.

Truly, anywhere!

I leave you with some of what I saw... and what awed me! 

Khazakhistan Mountains

Courtyard views

Very Europe

Quaint entrances


July 26, 2017

Off to study

Studies have a wonderful feel.


Doing a course has its charm. 


 I never thought I would want to go back to college, but this time I hope to do this 'studying' bit on my terms. And then I came to this, where online was the way to go with continuing education.

When you have to do them through an online medium, I believe some of the charm has just vanished. There are so many options to study and work towards getting yourself more aware but the prospect of learning these things through the new age means somehow seems to put me on the fence.

And why am I here? 

I am trying to reinvent myself and in the process of figuring out what is it that drives me. I believe in the power of getting a message across to people, but when it comes to delivering that effectively, is where I tend to falter. We can infer many things, but the one thing that consistently has been coming back to me is the need to learn in a sit down manner, than in the usual on the go manner which I am used to. And a classroom has a sense of seriousness which I need to focus, getting my mind away from the usual havoc of house and kids.


When I think of the big question, I am always a at a loss.
B has been ever supportive of getting things done and moving one... so here too he has been pushing me to get out and achieve. And I think that is one thing I am so happy with the freedom to do what I want. I do not appreciate him for it, but I feel it every night when I fall asleep.

These questions and answers will take a while, but the focus should be on growing. And in that spirit, to work towards getting over my qualms of online education, I am taking up a course on Growth Marketing!